A Workspace that Knows What the Worker Needs

What will the workspace of the future look like? The digital workspace is becoming a central productivity element for companies. IT decision-makers can find the solutions that are right for their companies by studying this subject.

This subject is placing major emphasis on collaboration and digital workspace technologies as drivers of productivity.

The name of the game: 360-degree solutions providing all key office functionalities in seamlessly integrated processes. Underlying it all is the rapid rise of social collaboration in business, with advanced messaging services connecting employees whenever required and making knowledge shareable, all while meeting strict standards of data security.

Digital Workspace is a growth area of the business world, with nine out of ten business leaders looking to mobile tools and collaboration services as gateways to increased productivity.

A recent study by British Telecom identifies five elements as being keys to increased performance: a more connected workspace, ease and convenience of co-working both within and outside the office, proprietary apps, instant messaging services and more powerful end devices.

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